AI-driven Streaming and Social Platform

Faction is a dedicated AI-driven Live Streaming and Social platform that empowers 99% of the global eGamer population with the tools they need to build their social following and monetize their online gaming time without having to compete with the top streamers.


What we’re about

Our Vision:

Faction is the First Home Site for 99% of the World’s eGamers.

Our Mission:

The World’s First Integrated Platform for eGAmers to Collaborate, Create & Conquer.

Our Value Proposition:

Transforming Underdogs Into Serious Contenders By Helping Them Improve Their Game, Making Friends, Boosting Their Social Following & Building New Communities.

Management Team

Fred Palma
Co-Founder & CEO
Curtis Cole
Co-Founder & Executive Envisioner
Trent Palma
Co-Founder & Noble Game Consummate
Frank Culajay
VP Engineering
Alex Chua
Finance & Investor Advisor
Jacky Tai
Chief Branding Officer

Faction Team

Sebastian Culajay
Gen Z Design Wizard
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance

Faction is the first AI-driven Streaming and Social platform dedicated for eGamers to:

  • Provide multiple ways to monetize gamers’ online gaming skills, activities & time. 
  • Provide Streamers and Content Creators with AI driven data intelligence assistance to grow and retain followers. 
  • Simplify how gamers keep up-to-date with the streamers they are following and the latest posts/news of their game(s) of interest, and access multiple sites they have to visit to obtain all of this information. 
  • Allows gamers to do post-game session reviews and analysis of their gaming efforts; share these with their fellow gamers and get feedback to improve; get reveals on features/enhancements only top gamers get ahead of time. 

Faction aids eGamers to: 

  • Gamification & Monetize – Earn Faction Shards, Badges, Quests, and Experience Points while using Faction.
  • Live Streaming – Live Stream from Faction and Multi-cast other live streaming platforms.
  • Social Networking – Collaborate with Text, Voice, Video and Chat.
  • Marketplace & Digital Currency – Products, Services, and Digital Goods for eGamers to transact.
  • AI Powered & Social Groups – Grow your Community, Followers, and Content Creation with AI assisted algorithms.
  • More fun, more recognition, and a better win-loss ratio for eGamers.